Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pantheon, Acropolis, et. al.....

I could write a post of general musings and talk about my dad's health, work, Matthew or other things that may not be of particular interest to anyone but me.  So, I've decided I will talk about the fantastic games I play on the Internet.

One of these games is called Pantheon and it was developed by a friend who I will name "Xar." Xar happens to be a Ph.d. in biology.  He lives in Germany and was born in Rome, Italy.  The players of this game are from all over the world and include 2 MBAs (myself, included), computer programmers, a housewife,   It is a game played on a discussion thread so there is no game board or pieces.  It is very much like Dungeons and Dragons - all imagination  The players are gods in a pantheon of a fantasty world. The gods have chosen domains (I have played Jove, the goddess of  wealth, commerce and travel, Calais/Vashitva, goddess of earth and death, and Arcadia, goddess of love). We get points - divine points - gained from the amount of "followers" we have.  We have a prophet who is our voice on the planet and whom we can imbue with special powers.  The game itself really has no object - no end goal.  Although I have played 3 versions of the game and many players seem to think that the object of the game is to become the lone god, thus changing the planet to a monotheistic society.  Other players like having multiple gods and a pantheon and focus on city-building.  Overall, there are no limits other than your own imagination.

I also play 2 shoot off games of Pantheon - Aesir and Acropolis.  In Aesir, I am playing Jove again (she was such a great character!) and in Acropolis, I play Diana, goddess of fertility.  These games are on much smaller scales than Pantheon and are based in cities rather than in worlds, for the most part.  They move slower and are just as fun as Pantheon.