Monday, March 1, 2010

Nail polish

I’ve never been one to have acrylic nails although, I have had them in the past. They tend to be too think and too rigid and I find that I end up hurting myself more often than not because the nail gets caught on something and because it doesn’t give, its like tearing the nail off the finger. Hence, I have stayed to my natural nails as they have always grown like weeds and been very healthy overall. The problem with my natural nails was that nail polish would chip the same day. I was never able to keep it looking good. So, I stopped polishing my nails.

Years ago my sisters and I discovered a product called DeLor Chip Proof Polish Shield. It was the best stuff on the market! I could wear polish for a week and it would never chip. I used it until I moved to Arizona in 2003 and I have not been able to locate it since. I have even googled it and nothing. I could never find anything that worked even remotely as well so as a result, I again went without nail color and considered getting acrylics just so I could wear polish.

Walking through the mall the other day, I passed a salon that had OPI nail polish prominently displayed and I stopped to longingly look at all the beautiful colors, again toying with the idea of acrylics. The attendant approached me and I told her my dilemma. She suggested I try a good base coat and recommended ESSI brand. She said it was tacky and bound the color to the nail. Ever the one to try something new so that I can polish my nails, I gave it a try. Lo and behold, it has been three days and not one chip! I am so delighted!