Friday, March 26, 2010

3:00 a.m.

Recently, I've been waking up at 3 am to work out.  Most people think that is crazy and some mornings, I agree with them.  But working a full-time job and having a toddler around the house, it is the only time I can fit a workout in.  And since I have a toddler, I have to work out to keep up with him.  Mom ain't no spring chicken anymore and she has to go the extra mile to stay healthy so that she can dance at her second son's wedding, heh.

So, 3 mornings per week, I drag myself out of bed at 3 (really only an hour earlier than usual since I work early morning hours), change into some workout clothes and join Tony Horton in his P90X.  It's a fantastic workout.

Last weekend, I found an activity table at a garage sale that I brought home and filled with sand for Matthew to play in.  He had great fun!  The weather was beautiful and he relished being outside.  He then helped Daddy clean the pool.