Thursday, June 2, 2011

House design

I live in a 1980s ranch-style house that needs a lot of work.  So far, we have changed the carpet, roof, windows, a/c and heating unit, fenced in the pool, draining and acid washing the pool - basically, all the big-ticket items.  We have been working on the backyard, getting it up and running for the summer and with the warmer weather, getting ready to move inside and start work there.

I thought I had my color palate chosen - mostly earth tones with lots of greens, tans, and rusts.  But, one afternoon while watching HGTV, I saw Sarah's House and found the most beautiful color palate. 

It uses cream and gray - something I would never have thought to use.  I love the marble backsplash!

The colors allow other colors to blend beautifully with them: a darker blue...

... a taupe....

... a mint green....


...and a lighter blue.

Even black accents have a place:

One of the decorating tools she uses is wallpaper.  Not sure if I can do that.  Wallpaper is a pain to remove and can look dated very quickly.

I'm not sure how all that white will look with a toddler's fingerprints all over them but he's getting older.  Perhaps I can teach *him* how to clean it up.  Yeah, right!  heheheheh.