Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I have been offered another position at work so I have been extremely busy trying to make that transition. I haven't pushed play but I have been taking power walks (and I do mean POWER) with my baby and my dog at the end of the day because I don't want to set them aside after working so much overtime. It is something we can do together and it really has cleared the mind and keeping me somewhat on the exercise track.

Last night, I had to go to the grocery store for my husband to get some cold medicine. I went to the line and I was standing behind a very obese man. He was purchasing candy, Pepsi, cheese and - believe it or not - weight loss shakes! I couldn't believe my eyes! This man was looking to reduce his calorie count by drinking weight loss shakes while ruining everything with all the candy and soda. I was thinking to myself how much better he would be if he had switched out the candy for some fresh fruit and vegetables.

I then had a realization. I had been slacking off on my own diet the past few weeks - eating more than I should and indulging in too many sweets. The worst part of it was that I knew I was doing it and I just didn't stop. It shocked me that I had so quickly and easily reverted back to lazy eating habits. Granted, I hadn't been eating fast food but my portions were much larger than they should be and the past 2 days I have actually gone to the candy machine and bought candy bars!!!

I looked at the man again. I tell you, there is nothing like seeing it first hand to get you back on track. Luckily, my Shakology arrived yesterday and it came with a 30 minute workout and a 50 minute workout. My lunch bag is stuffed with fruit and vegetables and lean protein as well as my Shakology serving.

I find I am getting bored with P90X. I know, it sounds crazy but I think it is too long. I think a 6-week workout is perfect because after that, I'm looking to change things up and P90X doesn't really do that. It just switches up the same workouts. Hence, I get bored. I really have no desire to do it anymore, let alone for 2 more months. At least, not right now. I was thinking of doing the Shakology workout. I really want more cardio right now.

There is also a new workout called Brazlian Butt that I would love to try but I don't really have the money to purchase another workout.