Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Patio - on a budget

After doing so much yard work these past few weekends, I decided it was time to spruce up my patio a little.   We were spending so much time outside that we really had no where to sit. 

I had planned on re-purposing our old patio furniture but never got around to painting and replacing the cushions so we picked these chairs up for a song and with some pillows I had purchased months ago (on sale for $5 at Burlington Coat Factory), I put together a nice little seating area.

I used an old table we got years ago (and was going to be in our next garage sale) and put a placemat on it. 

The yellow pitcher was a frugal buy from Big Lots for $2 and the smaller garden pitchers, from Ross for $2.  Don't 'ya just love bargains!

Everything is coming up roses on my patio:

This - thing (sorry, but I have no idea how to spell it) belonged to Mr. Bam's mother and had been sitting neglected in her yard.  After some bright yellow paint, it has become a nice place for flowers and an herb garden.

A little paint on some old pots to really bring in spring.  I don't normally do so much color, preferring to stay to neutrals, but the warm spring days were beckoning and I've been inspired by so many bloggers who are unafraid of color that I just couldn't resist. 


La said...Reply to comment

Your porch looks fantastic. I'm sure you will enjoy many days relaxing here after the gardening is complete. Enjoy!