Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Green Room

Well, I'm usually not on the computer over the weekends but I wanted to post pictures of my new room.

I'm linking this room to http://savvysouthernstyle/

The room was my older son's room.  He moved out so I had a place for my sewing room.  However, my husband reminded me that we often have family visiting and would need a guest room as well.  Hence, my sewing room has become a sewing/guest room.  Its a little snug (I didn't post pics of my sewing area - I'll get to that after I put a slipcover over my chair) but its functional.  I can't profess to be the most creative decorator but many of the things in the room were thrifted or on sale.

So, here we go.
Bedspread on sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond

Bed stand garage sale find $5.  Tiffany-style lamp that matches the ceiling lamp, complete with dragonfly.   Birdhouse on sale from Michael's

A closer look

Another small vignette.  I've had this crystal vase for decades and have never used it or had a place for it.  Long-forgotten silk flowers that I found in my garage did the trick.  The little silver pour vase was found at a garage sale and I've had the little stand for years.  It was going to be garage saled but I found a place for it.  I might refinish/paint it in the future.

A nod, of course, to my fav Disney character, Jiminy Crickett.  The stand was a hand-made gift from a Christian Brother to my husband when he was in college at St. Mary's College  in the Bay Area.

These pictures belonged to my husband's mother.  They fit perfectly with the decor.

I wish there was a party to link to.  I haven't figured out when they all are.  Perhaps when I find one this week, I will link to it.

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Allyson Pecilunas said...Reply to comment

I think you did a good job everything goes very well together and turned out nicely.

Have a great day!


The Polka Dot Closet said...Reply to comment

You've done a wonderful job of decorating, for years I shared my sewing room with the guest room, then I thought, wait a minute, what, I have company 2 times a year and I am crammed in here for the other 363 days! So, I got a couple rollaways, and now I have a dedicated sewing room. It works well! I can't wait to see the finished room.


Anonymous said...Reply to comment

It all looks so pretty. I would love to have an extra room!

Linda said...Reply to comment

Very pretty! So nice to have a guest room...I love the wood stand with the Jiminy Cricket!

bampitt said...Reply to comment

@The Polka Dot Closet

Hi Carol! I had originally wanted a sofa bed but my husband doesn't like them and didn't want to spend the money for one. *sigh*

Something Nice and Pretty said...Reply to comment

Hello, I'm your newest follower! Love the bedspread and I've often thought of doing a guest/craft room but it's a small room and we have vistors often so I leave it alone:)

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...Reply to comment

Cute room and I just ask that you add a link to my blog next time so others may find the party and join in. Thanks for joining the party.

bampitt said...Reply to comment

@Kim @ Savvy Southern Style

Hmmmm,I was trying and I thought I did. I'm new at this.