Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011: Here we go again

I've set my goals for the year, both personal and professional.  Its the usual - lose weight, eat right, build Beachbody business, increase sewing skills, plan Disneyland trips better, etc., etc.  The difference is that this year, I actually wrote down my goals, something I've never done.  Let's hope it works. I need to lose  I don't know - that Nutella spread on graham crackers in the cupboard keeps beckoning to me.....grrrrrrr.


January is  a busy month. I'm having new windows installed.  We are trying to update our 1980s ranch house and the windows are one big thing to cross off our list.  Let's see - we've replaced the carpet, the roof, painted inside and out, replaced numerous lighting fixtures, replaced the a/c unit and put up a pool fence.  We've done a lot.  We still need to empty and acid wash the pool this winter.  After that, I think we will be done with the majority of the big/expensive projects.  That is, until we tackle the kitchen.

I have several Beachbody events to attend and I'm looking forward to working out with Tony Horton on Tuesday night.  He is on his book tour and stops in Phoenix for signing and exercise.  It should be fun and I will be posting pics.

I then have a home and garden show, a doll show, and a sewing show every other weekend.

For the first time in years, I pulled out a calendar to keep track of everything.


Calamity Kate said...Reply to comment

Good luck avoiding the call of Nutella. I am starting WW on monday and to celebrate I just made creamy strawberry ice cream. Oh that sound like a great dessert, Nutella and strawberry ice cream... darn WW!