Monday, May 31, 2010

Painting.....well, priming, actually.

I spent the weekend priming the ceiling with Kilz2. We attempted to texturize the ceiling, without much luck. It didn’t turn out the way we expected. Of course, neither of us has ever tried retexturing anything before so our novice-hood was apparent.

 The can of texture we purchased was just not doing the trick and for $20/can, it only covered a 1x4 foot. I was supremely frustrated when my husband announced that we would have to wait until next weekend to do anything as more texture was not in our redecorating budget for this week.

I was so disappointed and began to clean up when my husband suggested we follow the directions on the can (who would have thought of that!) and prime the ceiling first. I remembered that we had a can of Kilz in the garage and I promptly pulled it out and began to paint the ceiling. It made a huge difference and I was happy to have made some progress this weekend.


Shelly said...Reply to comment

Most people do not look "up" when they enter a room! (Well unless you are a decorating blogger fiend!) We had a ceiling stain from a leaking the attic... don't ask... and we had to re-texture the ALREADY new ceiling! Primed, painted, all the correct steps. Still didn't work. I think I have to use the OIL-based version of Kilz. Oh, well. I telling myself, "Most people do not look "up" when they enter a room!" :)